Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Information on accident insurance

The purpose of statutory accident insurance is to compensate for losses and damage incurred by employees or their families as a result of an accident at work or occupational diseases. The board will not process individual accident insurance policies. Information on this is available from the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (FINE).

In addition to employees and civil servants, the parties entitled to compensation from the statutory accident insurance include agricultural entrepreneurs and certain special groups, such as school pupils and students performing practical training, private care providers, people participating in adult education for unemployed persons, as well as persons in certain penal and care institutions.

Statutory accident insurance cover is provided by private insurance companies. Statutory accident insurance cover for state employees is provided by the State Treasury, while statutory accident insurance cover for agricultural entrepreneurs is provided by the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution.

Employers are obliged to arrange statutory insurance cover for their employees from an accident insurance company providing such cover. The employer must take out the insurance by law, and the insurance company is not entitled to refuse the cover. Hence, all employees are covered by statutory accident insurance.

The statutory accident insurance system and its associated legislation are developed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Supervision of the implementation of statutory accident insurance is primary the responsibility of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Further information on statutory accident insurance is available on the website of the Finnish Workers’ Compensation Center.

Page last updated 1/5/2022