Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Submitting additional accounts to the Accident Appeal Board

Additional accounts can be submitted to the Accident Appeal Board in conjunction with the appeal. Additional accounts can also be submitted later.

It is recommended that additional accounts are submitted as soon as possible once the matter is pending, and that the submission is notified to the appeal board.

The appeal board may also seek additional information on its own initiative. Additional information may be available from the parties, producers of healthcare services or public authorities, for example.

Hearing the parties and additional accounts

The parties are heard in writing regarding any additional account received by the appeal board that may affect the decision.

A private party to the matter is usually allowed 14–30 days to issue a statement.

Electronic services and communication

The appeal board applies the Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector. The appeal board is capable of receiving attachment files in the following formats: doc, docx, html, pdf, txt or rtf.

E-mail address of the Accident Appeal Board: tl(at)tapaturmalautakunta.fi
Please exchange the mark (at) by the mark @.

For more information, see
Electronic services of and communication with the appeal board.

Appeal documents

If a concerned party wants to view the documents related to the appeal while it is pending, they can be viewed at the board’s premises. This must be agreed with the board at least two weeks in advance. The documents can also be sent for viewing by the concerned party at the district court closest to the party. By written request, copies can also be made of the documents concerning the party. A charge of 50 cents per page will be levied for copies. However, in the case of complicated requests for documents requiring particular actions, an additional fee may be charged for the extra costs incurred.

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