Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Appeal to the Insurance Court

Appeal is filed to the Insurance Court

If you are dissatisfied with the decision of the Accident Appeal Board, you may appeal it by filing, within 30 days, a written appeal addressed to the Insurance Court.

The appeal is sent to the insurance institution

However, the letter of appeal must be submitted to the insurance institution whose decision you appealed to the appeal board. This gives the insurance institution an opportunity to amend its decision in line with the appeal.

The appeal can be delivered in person, using a courier or by sending it by mail or e-mail at the sender’s risk. The address of the insurance institution is shown at the end of the appeal board’s decision under DISTRIBUTION.

Letter of appeal

The appeal shall be made in writing. Your letter of appeal must indicate
– that it is intended as an appeal to the Insurance Court
– the decision you are appealing
– the parts of the decision you are appealing and the amendments you are requesting to them
– the grounds on which you request amendments
– your name and contact information
– if the right to speak is exercised by your legal representative or agent, their contact information must also be given
– the postal address or some other address to which documents related to court proceedings can be sent.

You should enclose the appeal board’s decision or a copy of it, together with instructions for appeal and the documents that support your appeal if they have not been submitted to the insurance institution earlier. You can also send further accounts later.

The Insurance Court must immediately be notified of any change in contact information while the appeal is pending.

Appeal deadline

The appeal must arrive at the insurance institution by the thirtieth (30th) day after you were informed of the decision.

You shall be deemed to have been informed of the decision in seven (7) days from the day the notification was sent, unless otherwise proven in conjunction with the appeal.

Referral of the appeal to the Insurance Court

If the insurance institution does not amend the appealed decision of the appeal board in line with your request, it will send your letter of appeal for processing by the Insurance Court and will inform you of this.

Contact details of the Insurance Court

Telephone: +358 29 564 3200

Fax: +358 29 564 3100

E-mail: vakuutusoikeus(at)oikeus.fi. Please exchange the mark (at) by the mark @.

Court fees at the Insurance Court

As a rule, processing appeal matters at the Insurance Cost does not carry a charge for the appellant. Appeal matters lodged by a private person are processed free of charge if the matter concerns the right to a benefit or the amount or recovery of a benefit. A fee is charged from private persons for matters not concerning their direct benefit. The court fee for a private person at the Insurance Court is EUR 270,00.

A court fee of EUR 530,00 shall be charged from insurance institutions, corporations and other employers than private persons for appeals lodged by them.

The court fee is charged even if the appeal was cancelled.

The court fee will not be charged if the Insurance Court amends the appealed decision to the appellant’s benefit.

Further information on the Insurance Court’s court fees: Act on Court Fees (1455/2015) and www.vakuutusoikeus.fi.

Page last updated 16/8/2022