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Duties of the Accident Appeal Board

The Accident Appeal Board is part of the appeals system of the social insurance scheme. The Accident Appeal Board is the body of appeal of first instance dealing with matters falling under the scope of statutory accident insurance. Other similar income security appeal boards include the Employment Pension Appeal Board (in matters related to employment pensions), the Social Security Appeal Board (in matters related to Kela – the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) and the Unemployment Benefits Appeal Board (in matters related to unemployment allowances, labour market support and other unemployment-related matters). Each of these appeal boards specialises in its own sector of income security matters, and in that respect, the appeal boards are analogous to the special courts of the judicial system.

The Accident Appeal Board deals with appeals against insurance companies’ decisions on statutory accident insurance, mainly concerning accidents at work, occupational diseases, accidents to agricultural entrepreneurs, as well as accidents and diseases suffered by soldiers during national service. The legally valid decisions of the Accident Appeal Board are enforced in the same way as legally valid litigation judgements. The matters are processed at the Accident Appeal Board at no cost to the appellant.

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