Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Electronic services

The Accident Appeal Board is subject to the Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector. In this case, “electronic services and communication” refers to the option to submit further information for a pending matter or otherwise contact the Accident Appeal Board by email.

The Accident Appeal Board recommends that the content of any supplementary information be sent as text by email. If this is not possible, the supplementary information should be sent as an email attachment for information security reasons. For example, the Accident Appeal Board will not accept links to third-party cloud services. The maximum attachment file size is 20 MB.

All sensitive or otherwise confidential information must be sent to Accident Appeal Board as an encrypted message. For example, health data, information about financial status, and information that includes personal identity codes is sensitive and confidential. Please note that the subject of encrypted emails is not encrypted and should therefore not include confidential information such as personal identity codes.

To send an encrypted message to the Accident Appeal Board, go to https://sr.edelkey.net/encrypt/. Users are required to register when they first use the service.

If necessary, the Accident Appeal Board may provide documents to the appellant by encrypted email: Instructions for reading encrypted email.

Contact information for digital services

The email address for the Accident Appeal Board is tl(at)tapaturmalautakunta.fi. Please replace “(at)” with the @ symbol. The sender will be notified once their message has been received by the Accident Appeal Board.

Responsibility for receiving email and acknowledgement of receipt

Messages sent to tl(at)tapaturmalautakunta.fi will be filed as received and the sender will be provided a notification of receipt by email. Should the sender not receive the notification of receipt within two business days, the sender should resend their email or enquire from the Accident Appeal Board (by phone, for example) whether their email has been received. All information sent by email is sent by the sender at their own risk. The only reliable proof of email having been received by the Accident Appeal Board is the notification of receipt sent by the Accident Appeal Board. Please note that the automated return receipt function of the sender’s email client does not provide reliable indication of the Accident Appeal Board having received the message.

Updated 23.5.2024