Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Process stages

As a rule, matters are decided in the order that the Accident Appeal Board receives them, but further clarification may delay the process, for example.  

The Accident Appeal Board’s average time to reach a decision is currently about nine months. Processing a case may take more or less time than the average listed above. The time to decision is calculated from the commencement of the process at the Accident Appeal Board to the day when its decision is mailed.

The appeal is recorded as pending when the insurance institution sends the letter of appeal and the documents regarding the matter to the Accident Appeal Board. 

During preparation, the documents are reviewed, any necessary further clarification is sought, and the parties are heard, if necessary. Medical matters are mostly handled by the committee members trained in medicine (physicians) who respond to questions requiring medical expertise. 

After preparation, a presenter proposes a decision and draws up a draft decision. The proposed decision, draft, and documents are then given to the committee members to read. Once the members have reviewed the case, the committee convenes to decide the matter.

After the meeting, the decision is finalised and reviewed. The final decision is then mailed to the parties. The documents involved in the matter are returned to the insurance institution for archiving. 

The decisions of the Accident Appeal Board are accessible to the parties concerned. The decision is sent to the parties (the appellant, their representative (if any), and the insurance institution). No confidential parts of Accident Appeal Board decisions are disclosed to external parties.

Updated 29.4.2024