Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Processing the matter

The appeal board operates in three sections. Each section has a chairman with a legal degree, a physician member, a lawyer member, as well as representatives of employers (1), workers and salaried employees (1) and agricultural entrepreneurs (1). The decisions are made at section meetings on presentation by the referendary.

The Administrative Judicial Procedure Act shall apply to processing matters at the Accident Appeal Board, unless specifically otherwise provided. As a rule, the matters are decided in the section on the basis of written material, but the appeal board may also arrange an oral hearing at the appellant’s request. An oral hearing shall be held when the appeal board considers it necessary to resolve the matter at hand.

The Accident Appeal Board also applies the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999) and the Act on the Publicity of Administrative Court Proceedings (381/2007). On the basis of these Acts, the appeal-related documents at the appeal board’s disposal and the decisions issued by the appeal board are divulged to all concerned parties.