Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Tapaturma-asioiden muutoksenhakulautakunta

Electronic services and communication with the appeal board

Submitting documents to the Accident Appeal Board in electronic form

The Accident Appeal Board applies the Act on Electronic Services and Communication in the Public Sector, as applicable. “Electronic services and communication” refers, among other things, to the possibility to submit additional accounts regarding a pending matter or otherwise contacting the appeal board using e-mail. No other forms of electronic service are so far available at the appeal board. The decisions of the appeal board are also not issued in electronic form.

Contact details related to electronic communication

The e-mail address of the appeal board is tl(at)tapaturmalautakunta.fi. Please exchange the mark (at) by the mark @. When sending an account to the appeal board by e-mail, the above address must be used. Then the sender will receive a receipt notification by e-mail from the appeal board.

Personal e-mail addresses

No accounts should be sent to the personal e-mail addresses of the appeal board because they are not intended for use by the appellants. It may happen, e.g. due to absences, that an account sent to a personal e-mail address is not taken into account when the appeal board decides the subject matter.

Responsibility for the delivery of e-mail messages and receipt acknowledgements

An account sent to tl(at)tapaturmalautakunta.fi is recorded as arrived, and the sender is sent an acknowledgement by e-mail. If the sender has not received an acknowledgement to his/her e-mail by the following working day, the sender must re-send the e-mail message or check with the appeal board, for example by phone, whether the appeal board has received the e-mail message. Accounts are always sent by e-mail at the sender’s risk. Only an acknowledgement sent from the appeal board is valid proof of the message arriving at the appeal board. However, a notification received from the receipt acknowledgement function of the appeal board’s e-mail program does not guarantee that the appeal board has received the message.

Recommendations for the use of e-mail messages

The appeal board recommends that the contents of any additional account sent by e-mail would be shown in the text section of the e-mail message. Sending accounts as attachments is not recommended. The appeal board wants to draw the appellants’ attention to the information security problems present in e-mail traffic. The e-mail connection to the appeal board is not protected. Confidential or otherwise sensitive information should not be sent by e-mail. Information regarding a person’s state of health or containing personal identity codes should not be sent by e-mail.

Acceptable attachment file formats

If an account is nevertheless sent as an attachment file, it must be in one of the following formats: doc, docx, html, pdf, rtf or txt. We shall not open files in any other formats due to data security reasons. Likewise, we shall not open any links to websites delivered by e-mail.

If the appellant wants to make reference to some websites as an additional account relevant to his/her case, their content should be delivered to the appeal board in written form.